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July 14th, 2014

Another music post! I love when things like this happen!

I noticed @edgarwright tweeted this afternoon about a new album, available to preview now via free stream.

Having given it a listen, I’m impressed – it’s full of subtle poppy grooves, with lots of sequenced synth goodness. To double my excitement, it’s a collaboration between two artists who feature in my favourite film of all time, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.


Dan the Automator (@dantheautomator) provides the slick backing to Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s (@M_E_Winstead) relaxed, easy vocals, reminiscent of Sophie Ellis-Bextor, with a little Lana del Ray thrown in.

This is how the promo site describes it, why not have a listen before it disappears:

Musician/producer Dan Nakamura (aka Dan The Automator) is known for his work with Gorillaz, Kool Keith, Handsome Boy Modeling School and others. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is an actress (Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Sky High) and also a singer. The two met on a film set, bonding over a shared passion for 60s French pop. Fluxblog confirms the album “sounds like French and Brazilian pop from the mid-20th century,” while UK blog Dots And Dashes describes a “kooky pseudo-travelogue centered around their shared penchant for the Swinging 60s, Winstead’s blase sighs complemented by the Automator’s keen ear for swoonsome yet louche retrospective soundscaping.”


Stream source: hypem
Preorder: iTunes

No Devotion

July 1st, 2014

This is really cool.

I’m so pleased to finally hear what has become of the remaining members of Lostprophets, left hanging after the terrible revelations about the (now defunct) band’s lead singer, Ian Watkins. Aside from the disgust felt towards the actions of the singer, I immediately felt a regret, a sorrow for the rest of the band, who were instantly and unceremoniously discharged of not only their ‘rockstar’ statuses, but also their jobs.

Harshly uprooted from their settled lives and careers, their own notions of trust and betrayal tested beyond measure, there was never going to be an ending in which everything could simply go back to where it was before.

So out of the ashes, here is this new band, or old group with a new singer, and a totally new sound. It’s not the Lostprophets sound of old, but how could it be?

Have a listen to the single below – see what you think. I wish the guys all the best after what they’ve been through.

Article source: Kerrang
See also – interview with Watkins’ ex: The Mirror

Panic Station

October 29th, 2013

This is fantastically trippy and glitchy, and brings back so many memories of the gig. Wonderfully weird and so much colour! Is this actually what Japan is like?

Youtube link: Muse – Panic Station

Fun Day

August 31st, 2013

Today was hard work.

But I had fun watching this guy. More to come soon.


AutoRip by Amazon.com

July 5th, 2013

Amazon’s AutoRip has finally launched in the UK.

This service means that any (physical) CD that you buy from Amazon will now automatically be added to your ‘Cloud Drive,’ meaning that you also own a digital copy.

Whilst this is a clear attempt by Amazon to get consumers using their cloud service, you can’t argue with the price. And so whilst I won’t use the service extensively, I don’t mind that I got about 300 digital tracks at no additional cost, all added to my cloud account this morning.

Whilst this could revive sales of physical cds, let’s just hope it isn’t the last push over the edge for consumers who find that they quite enjoy their new digital music collection, and will be downloading all of their future music purchases.
Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 09.21.43

External link: AutoRip at Amazon.com

Memory -IS- R.A.M.!

May 14th, 2013

Ok, so this is my third blog post today, but I just couldn’t resist it. Actually, it’s past midnight so it’s my first.

The new Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories has just been leaked online, and I can’t get enough.

Give it a stream before it comes out, and then when it’s released, go buy it, and groove out to these summer tunes!

Welcome back Daft Punk!!

Update: Random Access Memories is out now

Stream link: Leaked album
iTunes link: Random Access Memories


Don’t Go

May 13th, 2013

Love this, so playful, arty and colourful.
Hope you like it too.


April 29th, 2013

In honour of being my 100th ‘like’ on Facebook, and for being a stellar chap, this boy deserves a special mention.

Ciaran’s a great lad and his music is really good – there’s a real nice, earthly, mellow feel to it. He has a good selection online, I recommend you go listen to his latest EP.


Ciaran on Soundcloud: Beneath The Shining Skies by ciaran "acousto" on Soundcloud.

Disk Warrior

January 1st, 2013

I had a hard drive failure this morning. As you might imagine, I was not best pleased.

The problem occurred when I was writing to the disk, wirelessly, via my Airport Extreme Base Station. Not had any problems with it before, so no reason to doubt it. Until the disk was unceremoniously removed, with my only warning being that my music stopped playing. Perhaps I should blame iTunes, as my library is stored on this same wireless drive.

After some panicked hunting of message boards I came across a program called Disk Warrior. There was no free trial so I knew it was a risk but I was desperate – every video that I have ever made was on the failed hard disk. So I reluctantly paid $110 and received a download copy, with a disk arriving soon in the post.

Altogether the recovery took less than 15 minutes, and apart from the iTunes folder being in a slightly different location, everything seems to be back. Phew.

No, this isn’t the cue for e-mails telling me I should back up better – I know, I just can’t afford enough hard drives to back up my existing 6. But I’m considering how to go about it.

Lesson learned, though: don’t give up straightaway, but look for a solution as not all hard drive problems are fatal. Of course, if it was a physical error that’s a whole different problem…

iTunes 11

December 6th, 2012

So I went for it, I made the jump.

This: ——-> is now this:

I decided to update to iTunes 11, against my better judgement. We’ll see how it turns out.
First impressions:

Hope that a few updates come out soon, a couple of small fixes would make all the difference!

Update 2:

After a bug fix release, which included restoring the ‘Find Duplicates’ feature, iTunes 11 is a lot more stable. Not perfect (I think it’s to blame for my hard drive failure this morning, quite a serious error) but it’s getting there.