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One’s own trumpet

February 28th, 2015

In the words of Blackadder Goes Forth:

George: One doesn’t want to blow one’s own trumpet.
Blackadder: You might at least have told us you had a trumpet!

It’s always nice to see your work in use, out in ‘the real world’. Recently I designed a simple poster/flyer for an event hosted by North Haven Yacht Club. This year marks their 50th Jubilee, and to celebrate this they’re holding plenty of events in 2015, the first of which took place last weekend at their clubhouse in Sandbanks, Poole.

NHYC Poster in Print

I had the pleasure of popping along for a bit to soak up the atmosphere and I most definitely would have gladly accepted a bacon sandwich, had I not just eaten a huge lunch cooked by the wife! Visit the NHYC website to see keep up to date with the rest of the events that are happening in the coming months.

To learn a bit more about this project, head to my new portfolio.

P.S. They ain’t got a bad view down there either!
Panorama of Sandbanks

It’s not over yet!

February 18th, 2015

Well, it’s been a good run. I’ve enjoyed posting to Sticks and Stones, with my random musings, photos, videos, and whatever else I felt like. And rest assured, I will continue to post here (I hear in my head the audible sighs of relief from across the nation, and indeed, the world. Jokes.).

However, the time has come for a separate site, which will contain a portfolio, as well as a blog that is focused on helping churches to communicate better.

The Sticks and Stones Facebook page will be updated to reflect this, and the Sticks and Stones twitter account will soon close. Sticks and Stones updates will continue to be posted on the Facebook page, as well as my personal twitter account.

Feel free to head on over to www.joegallant.co.uk now to check it out.

Thanks for reading Sticks and Stones for the last couple of years. I hope it has been, and continues to be an enjoyable visit, when the opportunity arises. As a special celebratory treat, here’s a link to something from the archive, my music video for the Klaxons, ‘Not Over Yet’. Enjoy.

Chromecast for frequent travellers

December 9th, 2014

A quick guide to using Chromecast for those who travel frequently

I bought a Google Chromecast yesterday. Well that’s not strictly true. I actually bought a Chromecast over a week ago, used my Amazon Prime account, and eventually received it nine days later. So much for one day delivery.

Google Chromecast - a great streaming device for frequent travellers or those on business

Now, I already have an Apple TV, and I’m thrilled with it – I have my digital home sorted for all of my streaming needs. But I bought the newer Chromecast device for two reasons: Continue reading “Chromecast for frequent travellers” »

Sketchnotes for dummies

November 15th, 2014

Time for some creative goodness.

After reading this article on sketchnoting, I thought I’d give it a go.

Hopefully my attempt (below) explains it a little, have a read of the article to learn more – essentially it’s doodling notes on a talk in a manner more visually-pleasing than scribbled written notes on a page.


Give it a go, get in touch in the Facebook comments or on Twitter if you fancy sharing your attempt.


Ariticle: Smashing Magazine

P.s. Thanks to Creative Market for the share – give them a visit for some great design elements to buy, and six available for free each week.


October 14th, 2014

As someone who regularly ‘self-accuses’ of tidying to procrastinate, this blog post about ‘Clutter’ serves as some sort of therapy.

I enjoy a tidy desk, and I also appreciate how quickly my harmonious ecosystem can turn in to a pile of paper, pens and post-its. Jeff Goins takes a look at how messiness can harm both your creativity and your productivity, and gives some useful tips to get you heading in the right direction.


For me, it can often be as simple as knowing that a messy desk takes time to clear, so having a clear desk gets rid of that potential avenue for procrastination (or ‘Procravenue’). I’m pretty sure that logic works in some convoluted way.

Give it a read, give it a try and see how it affects your personal productivity – you can find it here.

Article link: Goins Writer

Now, courtesy of procrastination, enjoy some more of my recent workspace-related photos.

Worship God UK 2014

March 14th, 2014

Last week I attended the first annual (hopefully!) Worship God UK conference in Bath, run by Sovereign Grace and hosted by Grace Church Bristol.

It was a really great time, meeting lots of new people, most of them faithfully serving their churches in worship teams. The main theme of the conference was ‘Called to be Faithful’ with great teaching on being faithful in different ways. A standout talk was ‘Faithful to Receive’, which highlighted how a key part of our identity as Christians is that we are those who have ‘received’ and therefore anything we give, or do is very much a response to what God has first done for us, primarily in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

So there was a lot of great biblical teaching on worship, but there was also some great practical teaching too. There was a great seminar on acoustic guitar skills with Patrick Anderson, a songwriting workshop with Stuart Townend and Steve and Vicci Cook, and a session on musical arrangement led by Devon Kauflin and his band. The standout seminar for myself was ‘Making room for the Spirit in leading worship’ which was very practical, but also very moving. Bob Kauflin led us in an improvised musical response to scripture, sung meditation on Psalm 100.

The times of sung worship were great, with different groups leading the music each day, and doing so in a way which was not only a pleasure to be a part of in terms of musical quality, but also so helpful in encouraging real, heartfelt response to God’s truth, in worshipping Him with mind, heart and body.

So much more that could be said, but I’ll leave it there for now. Below are a couple of photos from the conference, there are more on my flickr (click to view). The other bonus from the conference is that it was held in such a beautiful city, and I’ll be posting some of the photos that I took around Bath in the coming weeks.

One of the music teams at #wguk14

Bob Kauflin about to giveaway one of many books

Stuart Townend reading from the Bible during a time of sung worship

The Bath Forum, this year’s venue

Matt Searle with Megan Baird

Bob interviewing another showcased songwriter, Simon Brading, with Lou Fellingham

The speakers’ q&a panel at the end of the conference

Proper Food

February 10th, 2014

Today was a chance to work in a slightly different environment – a 5-star hotel near Highcliffe called Chewton Glen.

I’m working on an event with Tom Kerridge, owner of the only pub in the world to have two Michelin stars. The hotel here is beautiful, with grounds that go on for a long, long way, but the real treat today was to get a little taste of Tom’s food.

He cooked a massive hunk of beef, with triple cooked chips and hollandaise sauce – a little better than the ‘cup-a-soup’ I usually have in my lunch break!

Better go now as the show’s about I go live again, I’ll leave you with a couple of pics from the day (apologies for quality, shot on phone. Ouch.).

Know your Onions

December 8th, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a graphic design book called, “Know Your Onions:Graphic Design“. It’s about graphic design.
Last week I read it.

It was a really good read, written with a refreshing sense of humour – very relatable. It lives up to its aim of trying to save the reader 25 years of experience in the design business – well maybe – but honestly, it’s already proved very useful in helping me to approach my design work in a different way. For anyone who does any sort of design work I’d go as far as to say it’s a ‘must-read’.

I visited the book’s website (which is unsurprisingly well put together, and extremely well-equipped with lots of download-able goodies) and couldn’t resist a quick tweet:

Anyway, one thing led to another, and I’m now proof-reading the new Know Your Onions book, “Know Your Onions: Web Design“. Pretty cool, huh?

So far it’s a great read, so go ahead and buy it when it’s released, and don’t forget to check out the original.

Book series’ website: Know Your Onions.
Buy “Know Your Onions: Graphic Design”: Amazon.
Buy “Know Your Onions: Web Design”: Amazon.


November 9th, 2013


Just travelling up to Landan on the train ready for #cnmac13 (The Christian New Media Conference).

Last year I tweeted so much that I managed to hit Twitter’s daily limit, think I might have to take it easy this year.

Lansdowne’s very own @dnheys (‘oh ancient Dave Heys’) is speaking at one of the breakout groups on video streaming. Luke and I are planning to ask some difficult questions of him. Especially ones about poo, bit rates. And compression.

Hopefully today will give some blog-spiration…

Edits by Luke.


Music and Short Talks

October 29th, 2013

Don’t be too blown away by the onslaught of blog posts…

I’m so excited for the event we’re putting on tonight, as part of our Twenties and Students programme at Lansdowne. We’re hosting a TED-style event at a local wine bar with some really diverse topics and great speakers, along with some musical performance. Can’t wait!

Event link: Facebook