It is your Destiny

July 23rd, 2014

The time has come, the day has arrived – the Destiny beta is here!
(Well if you’re a Sony type it’s been here for a few days… anyway)

I’m excited, if you can’t tell, and am looking forward to getting home from work to play away!

Now, to business – Bungie kindly gave out three codes to download the beta, and I am but one person, with one console.

SO, being the lovely person I am, I’ve decided to share the wealth.

Check back at 5pm UK time to get a code – be quick, they’re single use!
(Note: the codes only work with Xbox 360, and Gold membership to Xbox Live is needed – apparently a trial membership won’t work)

Here are your codes my lovelies!


First come, first served! Good luck! Don’t forget to say thank you, let me know if you got one!

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