Future Pay

October 15th, 2014

Again, technology blows me away. If the new Pay and Watch are not your cup of tea, then give PlastcCard a try!

PlastcCard is a rechargeable device, the same size as a standard credit card. You can store multiple cards – be them credit/debit cards, gift vouchers, loyalty cards, ID cards or keypasses – all on the one device. This is achieved by components that can be re-written, the NFC chip and magnetic strip to be precise. With chip and pin functionality and a touch-screen e-ink display to switch between cards and unlock the device this is already looking impressive, but don’t forget to add in bluetooth to connect to the companion app. This app monitors your spending and has the ability to manage your stored cards, but most importantly it provides an additional layer of security, locking the device when you walk too far away from it.

Sure, as with everything that’s awesome, there’s a price tag involved – which essentially means you’re paying for functionality you already have. If you choose to, that is.

What’s more exciting for me is the potential this has. You can argue it’s unnecessary tech with phones and even watches now being able to do the same thing (bring on my wrist-inserted microchip), but with prices coming down all the time, how long before credit cards are a thing of the past.

And imagine the business cards. Oh, the business cards.

Product website: Experience Plastc.

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