One’s own trumpet

February 28th, 2015

In the words of Blackadder Goes Forth:

George: One doesn’t want to blow one’s own trumpet.
Blackadder: You might at least have told us you had a trumpet!

It’s always nice to see your work in use, out in ‘the real world’. Recently I designed a simple poster/flyer for an event hosted by North Haven Yacht Club. This year marks their 50th Jubilee, and to celebrate this they’re holding plenty of events in 2015, the first of which took place last weekend at their clubhouse in Sandbanks, Poole.

NHYC Poster in Print

I had the pleasure of popping along for a bit to soak up the atmosphere and I most definitely would have gladly accepted a bacon sandwich, had I not just eaten a huge lunch cooked by the wife! Visit the NHYC website to see keep up to date with the rest of the events that are happening in the coming months.

To learn a bit more about this project, head to my new portfolio.

P.S. They ain’t got a bad view down there either!
Panorama of Sandbanks

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